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To respect the non-RO players on my Friends list, I shall begin with some introductions. On RO, I have a Level 70 Bard who happens to be flamboyantly gay. It's true; even his guild title states so. He's the Flamboyant Gay Pirate. This is him, in all his flowers-in-his-hair glory:

Now, in RO, the majority of my level grinding is done with a friend. The majority of the time, my partner is Juan.

While Juan mantains that his wizard is totally heterosexual and always shall be, my bard refuses to simply accept this fact because it would be damn sexy to have a partner in more than one sense (See: Pun.)

In fact, I had to make up an excuse to get his wizard to take large amounts of screenies with me. This excuse was:

My bard quickly figured out a possibility due to the facts about male models:
1) They are hot.
2) They model with other, hot, male models.
3) They look even hotter when making out with other, hot, male models.

Unfortunately for my bard, it seems that Juan was not aware of these three simple facts.

Which resulted in a very sad speed freaks:


Then, one day, speed freaks received terrible news! His dear mage friend was dead! Stopping his important activities...

(What? Even Flamboyant Gay Pirates are allowed to gawk and question their sexuality on occasion.)

As with most people, the bard found he had something very shocking happen to him when he went into... shock-- He talked in obnoxious third person!

...The Flamboyant Gay Pirate found himself feeling very satisfied. Shame there's respawn in RO:

However, despite Juan's anger later:

The Flamboyant Gay Pirate somehow survived his fury. And, with much training:

He accquired enough stealth to get away with it successfully.

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