igottadance (igottadance) wrote,

When growing up, speed freaks was a very confused child. Because he started young. And fat.

He quickly went into the archer class, mostly because they look like cowboys and he thought that was nifty:

Soon, however, he realized that he needed to figure out what kind of job class he was going to grow up into! (Chaos ensues!) Either be a Bard... or a Hunter.

Despite his previously unsuccessful attempts to make friends with the local wild creatures...

...the wild erratic movements he made when being attacked by the Porings were enough to seal his mind! And warp his cheap butterfly wing-less ass back to his last save point!

So, with new vigor, he leveled in Louyang with fierce determination (and the help of his dancer friend~) despite the shouters and all the impressive looking people there.

Unfortunately, even though he knew by the time that he turned Bard that he was gay (it involved a rather messy affair with a swordie that he doesn't like going into detail about), the constant attention from the half-dressed sprites made him a shameless flirt. But that shall manifest itself later in another story.

speed freaks soon discovered the two best things about being a bard:

Even though, if he was given a choice...

Oh well. He already looked quite pretty with his flowers in his hair. Dancers obviously have NOTHING on him. Except their whips. Those are pretty cool. And he'd be damned if he couldn't pull off that bikini.
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