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Adventures of the Flamboyant Gay Bard

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  • igottadance@livejournal.com
This is the journal of the adventures of the Flamboyant Gay Pirate Bard.



Wow, what game is this where you get pictures from?
Ragnarok Online. More spefically, iRO.

Awesome, what server do you play?

How can I take screenshots in the game?
Hit the Print Screen key while playing.

Can I be included in your adventures?
Uhh, sure. You can have a cameo and occasionally we need sitting-around people.

Can I join your guild?
Sorry, no. Unless you're really cool and Shar likes you. D:

Can I add you to my Friends list?
Sure. And you'll probably be added back.

Can I have some Zeny, plz?

Can you leech me?
No. Unless you pay.

Hey, that acolyte there's pretty cute. Can she healslave me?
If you pay her.

Can I friends you on iRO?
Yeah, sure. If you're ninja and catch me.

Do you think gay marriage should become allowed on RO?
Gravity's too conservative for it and it probably won't happen, even if the US legalized gay marriage, which is the real question here.

Are you really gay?

Then how can you make adventures about a gay bard?
It's called roleplaying. I also can't play an instrument in real life.

Can I party with you?
I'll consider it if you're in share range. Probably not, though.